My clients are happier with Mastey hair color

My name is Michael-Ann, and I have been a hairdresser for 18 years. I have worked with various haircolors, but most notably with Goldwell for the past seven years.

About five years ago, I started experiencing health problems, and decided to FINALLY “put my money where my mouth was” in trying to be an environmentalist, and I took the time to REALLY research non toxic haircolor.
It took me six months to try and test all of the non-toxic/”organic” haircolors I could find, and I happened to find Mastey through another salon’s website. I was impressed by their integrity, price point, and most of all their product.

I had written to them to send me samples to try, and was delighted to find a product I could stand behind. Their lack of toxic ingredients really was refreshing, and I was all too happy to switch my clients over to “non-toxic” haircolor.
Using non-toxic haircolor requires a different approach than the traditional ammonia based hair color on the market. But my health, and my clientel are more than happy to be a part of a healthier hair (and body) revolution!

Los Angeles, CA

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