My business has improved 100 percent since I started using Mastey hair color

I discovered Mastey hair color about 4 years ago while researching for a more gentler, kinder hair color

I used to use Davines haircolor, until I discovered Mastey hair color about 4 years ago while researching for a more gentler, kinder hair color.  I was so impressed with the history of the Mastey company, a small family owned company, a pioneer in the development of sulphate free shampoo’s and ammonia free hair color, way ahead of the other companies.

I love using the shampoo’s and styling products, because you can feel the purity and gentleness of the products immediately, just checking the ingredient list, re-assures you that its all the good stuff, pure and simple, sulphate free, gluten free, salt free, no artificial preservatives, vegan, no animal testing.

I love the zero ammonia Mastey hair color, from the moment I opened the bottle, as there is no unpleasant odors. The shades are versatile, flexible and produce very natural color and leave the hair in great condition.

My business has improved 100% since I started using Mastey Zero Ammonia hair color, my clients give great referrals.  Many of my clients have found me when researching online for a Zero Ammonia hair color and they drive from all over to come to my salon so they can have Mastey Zero Ammonia hair color.  Quite a few are cancer survivors and are looking for a safer way to color their hair.  They always comment on how shiny and healthy their hair feels and the compliments they receive.

I love the support that I get from the Mastey company and the personal touch that they have with their stylists.  Using Mastey products sets me apart from the other salons and stylists because I can offer my clients a more unique product. Products that are free of PPD,  Ammonia, Gluten and Propylene Glycol.

Natalie P.


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