Stylist and Educator Ginny K. tells us her story to finding Mastey Hair Color

25 year stylist who had developed severe allergies and contact dermatitis tells her story about how she found Mastey Hair Color.

In this Mastey hair color review, Ginny walks you through her year long journey to rebuilding her color career after being told by her doctors she could never color hair again. From her internet research to her first client applications with models and friends. To the moment where she could actually color her own hair. This is a great testimonial of a stylists journey back to her passion and career. A wonderful success story for a wonderful stylist and educator.

Check out this video and if you have stylist friends with contact dermatitis or allergies share this story with them about Mastey Hair Color and Mastey Hair Care.

We always recommend that you do a patch test on yourself and all clients, especially if you have had allergy issues in the past. Patch test can be done and then you should wait 7 days to view the result. Mastey Hair Color is used by many stylists and clients around the world with allergy issues or contact dermatitis, but you must use your professional judgement and provide patch testing to ensure that your client is not allergic.

Note: Some Clients who visit your salon and tell you they have allergy issues have actually never seen a doctor but have had another stylist tell them they are allergic to hair color. You should take these instances seriously and see them as an opportunity to help someone that may be misinformed. You should always recommend that they see an Allergist Doctor to get a real diagnosis. And definitely do a patch test before you provide an services.

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Mastey hair color is available in over 100 Permanent Color Shades. We also offer a color additive, Color Instantané, that allows you to transform your permanent colors into Demi and Semi Permanents based on your formulation and developer choice. The Mastey Color System is a great way to expand your color services.


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