Mastey Hair Color Review: Mastey hair color is the safest and cleanest on the market, I know because I literally spent years researching!


Mastey Hair Color Review by stylist Allison Hollub

We just had our certification class with Erick and Antonio, and we were SO impressed! We already loved our Mastey, and now so many more possibilities are available to us. The color is the safest and cleanest on the market, I know because I literally spent years researching!! And the products are high quality, and high performing! Highly recommend! And if you can catch some education with either or both of these guys, don’t miss out!

Mastey Hair Color Review & Education Program Review Posted by: Allison Holub

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Try Mastey Hair Color in your salon:

If you are a stylist and would like a Free trial of Mastey Hair Color in your salon you can get a free trial by contacting Mastey at or by calling Mastey at 1-800-662-7839. You will be able to choose 3 colors and 1 developer of your choice absolutely free, you just pay the shipping cost. Contact us for more information.

Educational Videos:

If you’d like more information on our education program check out our free videos on the Mastey Hair Care YouTube Channel. We also have live webinars and in person classes available throughout the United States. Contact us for more information.

About Mastey:

Mastey Hair Care & Mastey Hair Color are used by eco conscious stylists around the world. Mastey is available for sale in the USA, Canada, the European Union, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Countries and regions with very high standards and strict guidelines for ingredient use. The products and formulas are independently evaluated and our formulations are inspected and tested to make sure they are of the highest quality and meet the standards as set forth by the country’s Health Ministry.

About Mastey Hair Color Team

The Mastey Hair Color Team is made up of stylist educators around the world who are dedicated to helping create a better working environment for stylists. Our focus is on Education and Training of hair color and hair finishing. Check out our videos and other training tools at