Mastey Makeover Model Krystina Main Picture

Mastey Hair Color Blonde Makeover

Mastey Hair Color Stylist Antonio Palomino-Antonio Palomino @ Beach Body Salon and Spa in Miami Beach, Florida
performs a beautiful blonde makeover on Krystina

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Mastey Makeover Before Model Krystina 1 Mastey Makeover Model Krystina 2
Mastey Makeover Hair Model Krystina 1 Mastey Makeover Hair Model Krystina 3 Mastey Hair Color Model Krystina 3
Mastey Makeover Model Krystina Main Picture
 Model: Krystina – After

Hair Color Blonde Make Over Model:


Bleached Blonde with dark roots and very damaged ends.

Hair Texture:
Fine and Very Damaged

Previous Issues:
Hair is extremely damaged. Previously bleached ends have a lot of damage, split ends and breakage. Roots are very dark and overgrown.

Krystina came to us to model for the America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. After a thorough consultation we decided that we could use her as blonde bombshell model to showcase our high lift formulations and color highlight techniques. We wanted to get her hair back in good health and give her a beautiful healthy look to compliment her eyes. Krystina’s hair was a dark level 5-6 at the roots with level 10 yellow sections that had been bleached out by a previous stylist. 

Desired Outcome:
Blonde Bombshell with natural looking tonal highs and lows in the very light blonde levels.

Pre Treatments:
We purified her with Use Me First Twice, her hair had so much build up that the Use Me First did not lather very much on the first application. When we did the second application it lathered up fine to show us it had purified the hair and removed all the styling product build up.

We then applied a deep repairing treatment with Mastey Color Protecting Restorative Mask letting it sit for 15 minutes then rinsing. We applied this treatment 2 times and had her sit under the hood dryer for the first 5 minutes of each repairing treatment.

Formula 1:
2 oz – 8.23 Mastey Hair Color
2 oz – 10 Volume Mastey Creme Developer

Formula 2:
2 oz – 10.2 Mastey Hair Color
1/8 oz – 07 Mastey Hair Color Amplifier
2 1/8 oz – 40 Volume Mastey Creme Developer

Formula 3:
2 oz – 11.2 Mastey Hair Color
1/8 oz – 07 Mastey Hair Color Amplifier
2 1/8 oz – 60 Volume Mastey Creme Developer

3 oz – 9.2 Mastey Hair Color
1/8 oz – 07 Mastey Hair Color Amplifier
1 1/2 oz – Mastey Color Instantané
1 1/2 oz – 10 Volume Mastey Creme Developer

Description of Process:
We applied the Mastey hair color formulation on slightly damp hair and made sure to use enough color on the dark new growth areas in order to mask any color transition. We also made sure to apply the different formulations in specific areas with small thin sections to ensure great coverage. It took a very long time to apply the color in the right placements to achieve a natural beautiful blonde finish. We processed the hair color for 45 minutes total. The first 15 minutes were under low heat and then we let her room process for the last 30 minutes. We then rinsed the color clean and applied our toner formula in the bowl and let it process for 15 minutes to neutralize unwanted warmth. Next time we will probably increase the ratio (amount) of Mastey Hair Color Amplifier in the formulations to 1/4 oz that way we can tone a little more of the underlying pigment during the lifting process.

We were able to achieve beautiful blonde hair with a healthy beautiful shine, softness, and natural blonde tonal changes. 

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