Mastey was life changing!

Mastey Hair Color Certified Educator and Color Queen
Jamie Cashion – Owner Blonde Ambition Salon

I have been doing what I love in an industry that I love for eleven years now.

I have a salon that is located in the suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. There are twenty three salons with in a two mile radius of the salon. Needless to say there is a lot of competition and options for clients to choose from.
For the first few years of my career I became highly educated and well versed in Wella hair color. I took many courses and went to the Wella studio often. Working in salon with it, I had grown accustom to the smell of the hair color and so had my clients. There were so many times that I would have a client complain about scalp tightness, itching, burning and peeling. To be honest I thought that was just the way it had to be in order to achieve the desired look. I did so many things like blame it on the client for not using my product or blame it on the mineral content in the water.
Looking back sadly I just didn’t know any better.
Seven years ago the owners of the salon that I worked for came in and said we are changing hair color lines. My initial thought was YOU ARE CRAZY!  They told us that they would be picking up a Zero ammonia color line.  I didn’t want to change.  I had so many questions like : How am I going to become trained in this line? How are my clients going to respond to this line? Is this line going to even compare to what I am using, especially since there were ingredients missing? I decided to take my heels out of the sand and give it a chance!

Life changing are the words that I would use in order to describe what MASTEY has done for myself and my business!

In 2008 when the economy collapsed and we as a country were considered to be in one of the worst recessions in United States history my business was BOOMING!!! Mastey offered training on the line and it was very easy to become acquainted with it. Not only did the line have comparable shades but it had more. It gave me the tools to make more personalized hair color for each and every guest that sat in my chair.
I think the biggest thing that my clients and I noticed was the condition of the hair after hair color and the fact that there was no harsh smell to the hair color. I no longer had to come up with excuses as to why color itched , burned or why their scalp was peeling after color.
My clients could see that I was looking out for them therefore it built loyalty and in turn loyalty built dollars in my chair.
Currently I hold a 100% rebooking rate and I am booking out in upwards of 6 months. I contribute this to me being able to offer my clients healthy beautiful hair with Mastey hair color and products! THANK YOU MASTEY!!!

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