Mastey Hair Color Reviews and Makeovers

Mastey Hair Color Reviews and Make Overs

See why Eco-Friendly, Green-Focused and Organic Hair Color Salons and Stylists  are switching to Mastey Hair Color!

Welcome to the Mastey hair color reviews and makeover site. This site highlights not only real user reviews of Mastey Hair Color, but also spotlights stylists and the work they are doing around the world with Mastey.

You’ll find before and after pictures, in depth detail on application and placement technique, color troubleshooting for those hard to cover gray hair clients and our favorite color correction strategies.

We will showcase both hair models and real salon clients on these pages so that you can see how stylists in the real world are providing superior hair color results using Mastey’s no ammonia, no PPD, gluten-free and 100% vegan hair color.


Don’t be fooled: There is no such thing as Organic Hair Color.

If you’d like to learn more about why Organic Color does not exist, you can visit our company’s main webpage at We have posted an article there that walks you through why there is no such thing as Organic Hair Color. We walk you through all the certifications and give you some examples of misleading advertising that makes people think organic hair color is real, when in reality it does not exist.

Mastey Hair Color Reviews

In our Mastey Hair Color Reviews Section you can see a collection of reviews from hair stylists around the world. You will not only be able to read their reviews but you can click the links on the page to see where it was originally posted. All the reviews are from third party web sites and you can visit them to see more reviews on those sites.

Mastey Hair Color Makeovers

Our Mastey Hair Color Makeover section lets you a look at some amazing makeovers done on clients and models around the world. Visit this section to see pictures of hair that was beautifully repaired and restores with Mastey Hair Color. As a bonus most of these makeovers  also include formulation information and instructions. If you would like to submit a makeover to be featured, give us a call at 800-662-7839 or visit us at

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